The Generation Gap – Soda and Tobacco

Soft Drinks are the new tobacco.

“Soft drinks are linked to diabetes and obesity in the way that tobacco is to lung cancer,” says Barry Popkin, a nutrition specialist at the University of North Carolina. Barry is the author of an excellent new book,  “The World is Fat”

The average American drinks around 35 gallons of soda each year, and gets way more extra sugar from soda than from desserts.

Recent studies have shown that diabetes in America has grown four-fold in the last 30 years; that over 200,000 Americans die of diabetes related illnesses each year, and that it costs the nation over $200 billion dollars a year in health costs, lost work, care-giving and so on.

If you eat something, even something bad like a monster burger and large fries, at least you’re going to eat less later. Not so with soda. It’s calories that don’t in any way fill you up, they just overload your body with sugar, and give you hundreds of dead calories, and no nutrition at all.

Also many folks seem to have a reaction to the High Fructose Corn Syrup that goes into these products (at least in the United States). Drinking diet-free soda may not be a whole lot better, as the jury is still out on the effects of the various chemical sweeteners that are present in such products.

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