Wonderful Olive Oil

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The virtues of the Mediteranean diet have been long talked about. One of the keystones of such a diet is the use of olive oil.


Good quality extra virgin olive oil is usually blended from a variety of olives and is a great base for healthy salad dressings, and is great for dipping with bread.

Unlike vegetable oil, which tastes the same wherever you get it from, the taste of olive oil is different based on the region it comes from.

There are various flavors from peppery to mild, and even citrus based. There’s one out there to compliment almost any dish, and olive oil is good for you!

Try some today, it’s way better for you on your salad than that ranch or blue cheese dressing in a bottle!


First Lady Sets A Good Example

Michelle Obama has been championing healthy living, sinceĀ  ditching processed junk a couple of years ago, on the advice of her pediatrician, when the kids started getting a bit chubby.

She has been extolling the virtues of community vegetable gardens, and has opened the White House kitchen to cameras.

It’s a good example to set to other Americans, many of who eat way too much high fat, high sugar, high fat containing processed foods.