You know that feeling when you’ve eaten too much, especially when it’s a steak or something else similar off the grill, or a pepperoni laden pizza?

Sometimes it’s not so much because of the amount you have eaten, but it’s because of all those seasonings on the meat.

You see, when you have a lot of extra salt, your body compensates by retaining water. Your body is always striving to make a balance between the amount of salt and water in your body. Although not enough salt inhibits your capability to sweat, which is not good in hot climes, too much salt would indeed effectively poison you, so your body retains water to compensate.

Often way too much salt, especially if you eat a whole pizzaYour kidneys filter out the salt, and you pass it out the body in your urine, but, as with the way your liver metabolizes alcohol, your kidneys can only process and remove the excess salt at a certain rate.

The best way to help your body rid itself of this excess is simply to cut back on the amount of salt you eat for the next couple of days.

Remember that many processed foods contain a lot of salt. It’s a good idea to rinse excess salt from such foods if it is feasible. Canned goods are often sold in brine, and rinsing them with cold water before consumption can drastically cut salt intake.

Finally, if you’re used to having a lot of salt on your food, try cutting back a little at a time. You will be surprised to find that after a while your palate adjusts and you find you actually want a lot less salt in your food that perhaps you currently do.

Mercury Rising

Not only is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) not good for us – despite how the corn refining companies dress it up, it’s still empty calories that we can do without – it’s found that up to 50% of it contains mercury.

Still, there is perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel. Last month 140 nations got together to develop an international treaty to phase out as much mercury use as possible. Not only that, but the U.S. was one of the leaders in pushing for this internationally binding legislation.

On the domestic front congress could help this by phasing out the use of mercury cell technology in domestic chlorine plants.

The U.S FDA should test HFCS for mercury content AND make those findings public.

We can all help, by cutting down on consumption of products containing HFCS.

Junk Really Is A Waste

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fats such as nuts and olive oil, and eat lean meat.

Junk food really is a waste of money and a waste of time for your body. When you eat high sugar, high fat food that is full of empty carbohydrate, you actually screw up the signals that the brain sends out to regulate your consumption of food.

Insulin helps to control sugar levels on the body, and what needs to be stored and what need to be used. Leptin tells the brain that you’re not hungry any more, and helping you to stop eating before you feel physically bloated. Junk food screws up these mechanisms, leaving you feeling overfull, and often nauseous. One should feel satisfied after eating, but not bloated!

The Scandal of Food Contamination

In the United States food is imported from around 150 countries.  Much of it is processed in those countries before it reaches the US, and there are almost  200,000 foreign processing plants involved.

In 2007, the US FDA checked less than 100 of them.

OK, so that’s overseas. What about here in the US itself. That’s got to be a whole lot better hasn’t it?

FDA Inspectors get around to each US food processor about once every ten years.

Makes you think about a couple of things.  Firstly, how come there aren’t many many more cases of contaminated food cases, and secondly, isn’t it a good idea to cut back on the consumption of  as much processed food as possible?