Excess Gas?


When you eat or drink something sweet, do you have stomach issues?

Blueberry Croissant

Cramps, excess gas, a bloated feeling, even diarrhea and pain.

It could be that fructose is the culprit.

It’s found in many processed drinks, such as lemonade and soda, and in food such as low-fat sauces, yogurts, cereals, and more.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is trouble too.

What happens is that the fructose isn’t absorbed properly. It ends up in the colon where bacteria break it down, and turn it into acid and gas.

If this sounds like you, then try laying off anything with corn syrup in it for a few days, and see if your digestive system settles down.

From The Tap

Yes, at TGFC we’re more than happy to drink water from the tap. It’s much cheaper, and in most Western nations, it’s perfectly fine and safe to drink. It’s got up to 1,000 times less bacteria in than bottled water, and is around 1,000 times less expensive too.

However,we digress.

Down the hatch

Today, we’re talking about beer. If you like a glass or two of beer, then do yourself, and the environment, a favor, and ask for the tap.

Next time you’re in the supermarket, look in the beer aisle. Look at all that packaging! The beer is in those bottles and cans, which are in a cardboard box, or a tray wrapped in plastic.

Think about buying a keg instead, if they’re available. Of course not all beers are sold this way, particularly specialty beers and imports.

However, if you like good beer, see if you have somewhere like The Charleston Beer Exchange near you. They not only sell all those specialty bottles beers, often without much of the plastic wrap, and cardboard packaging, but they also sell beer on tap. Simply buy a glass jug, get it refilled with draft beer, and take it back for a refill when you’re done.

Sesame Burgers & Beer

You’re helping the environment, and you’re arguably helping yourself, in two ways. You’re drinking craft beer, which is much more likely to have less dubious colorants and additives in it, than mass-produced megabrew stuff, and you’re getting to try different beers, and a quality product. Quite often too, as is the case at The Charleston beer Exchange, you’re helping the local economy again if you drink the beers from the local brewery, such as The Charleston Beer Exchange offers from the Coast Brewing Company.

They believe in utilizing alternative means to brew unique beer. They also believe in choice organic and local ingredients. From their biodiesel fired kettle to their energy efficient process, they forge hand crafted batches in their 7 bbl brewhouse.

Think about it next time you’re going to buy some beer! You’ll probably get to enjoy a brew that you didn’t even know that you liked!

Bugging The Bugs

Did you know that in 2006 the FDA approved a new method to kill bacteria in packaged meats?


Inject the meat with a bacteria-killing virus called bacteriophages, which are naturally occurring.

Thing is, manufacturers have to state this on the label, and quite rightly so, but would you buy such a product/ Would it put you off? Is it truly safe?