Pay More Eat Less

Is that crazy? No, it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Most of us eating a Western diet eat far too much. Too much of the wrong stuff to a large extent as well.

Eat more fruit and vegetables. Eat more whole grains. Eat more fish.

Eat less fried food, eat less sugary food, eat less white rice and bread. Eat less red meat.

I know you like fried eggs with some syrup, and accompanied with steak, and toast, and some sweet tea.

It doesn’t hurt occasionally. Like once a month.

Healthy Snacks

Where folks trip up, is that they’ll tell you they only eat pizza once a week. They only eat a Big Mac once a week too. Same goes for Chinese take out, fried chicken, doughnuts,  pancakes…

You get the picture?

Sure they only eat those things once a week, but they eat plenty of it when they do, and they eat one of those items most every day.

So cut back on your portions if you eat out. Don’t supersize everything. I guarantee you’ll still feel full in about twenty minutes in any case. That’s how long after eating that it takes your stomach to tell your brain to stop sending the triggers to tell you to eat more. It probably derives from when man lived in the wild, and had to gouge as much food as he could, in any given time, as he didn’t know when his next meal would be.

Thing is too, with all that processed food about these days, that’s super high in calories, you end up eating way more calories than you need to, even before you feel full.

So, spend more on better quality food, and buy less of it. That works however large or small your food budget is.

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