Mediterranean Eating

It’s good for you right? Yes it is.

So if I go out and eat Italian, that’s a Mediterranean diet, and so that’s good for me too, right? Not necessarily, no.

That fried calamari that you’re so partial to at the local Italian chain restaurant can have as much cholesterol in as eating a large omelet.

You see, Italians are big on pasta. That’s great, but it’s the sauce you get with it in many American Italian restaurants that is the killer. Italians also eat a lot of vegetables.

In your average US Italian restaurant, you’ll end up with a plate of watery iceberg and a few bits of tomato, and carrot. Not so bad, but once you put that dressing on top, you might as well go to the fast food drive thru down the street, and eat a portion of fries.

Chinese food is usually lower in fat, but there’s all the added sodium to deal with then.

Our advice. Stick with dishes that have a high pasta content, are low in sauces, particularly meat based (high fat) sauces, go easy on the cheese, and if you’re somewhere like Olive Garden fill up on the salad, as you can have as much as you like. Just don’t flood it with that dressing.

Better yet, find some healthy low-fat recipes (that avoid read-made processed sauces) and try your hand at cooking Italian at home. That’s just what we’re doing this evening.

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