Kids Should Be Messy Eaters Sometimes

At TGFC we think it’s important for yourself, and important for your kids to make healthy food choices. Of course one is bombarded with advertisements, some of which are quite misleading in their claims. That cereal may well have extra fiber, but it’s also full of sugar for example.

This makes it difficult to know what to eat yourself, let alone for the kids.

Still, remember that food is meant to be eaten for nourishment, and it’s also meant to be enjoyed. That’s why there are so many recipe books out there.

Check these out from Annabel Karmel.

Good Food For Kids

Don’t become neurotic about food. You’ll pass that on to your kids. They need to experiment. Let them get messy with food. Don’t keep wiping them clean every two seconds either. Certainly train them not to throw their food about everywhere, that’s it’s not a game to do that, but also let them dip their fingers in, and get it around their face a bit. It won’t hurt, and it’ll make meal times more relaxed for everyone involved.

At the end of the day, nothing horrible is going to happen to junior because they ate something solid at seven months, or someone fed them a spoonful of baked beans, and they’ll be on their way to becoming well-adjusted towards food, but with some help from you, able to make good healthy choices, and minimize the consumption of junk processed food products as they get older.

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