Junk Food for Kids

A study from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that was released in 2008 showed that around a third of children were overweight, about a sixth were obese, and just over ten percent were extremely obese.

Meanwhile, the junk food companies have taken to pretending to claim they want children to make healthier food choices (as long as it’s one of their ‘healthier’ products of course).

Examples of such ‘healthy’ choices include diet soda, and packets of reduced fat chips!

The junk food manufacturers spend as much as ten billion dollars annually to get kids to eat junk food, meanwhile either promoting it as healthier choices, or minimizing the effects its consumption might have.

The purpose of all this advertising, is of course, to persuade kids they’d love to eat this stuff, which often isn’t hard to do, and also persuade parents that the ‘reduced fat’ version is somehow actually healthy for junior.  The best thing many parents can do is to re-educate themselves on what foods are truly beneficial to their children, and then educate their children about this. It can truly be an uphill battle, when the junk food manufacturers, for all their clever words, really only have their bottom line as their concern, not kids health.

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