• The first thing people think of when they see ‘Good Food’ is gormet style fare.
  • However, at TGFC we mean good as in ‘not bad’. Good for your health that is.
  • We’re not interested in putting together some kind of fancy fad diet plan either.
  • We’re all about looking at what we are really eating.
  • After all, it’s said that we are what we eat.
  • Some things that we think are important are eating food that’s not been processed and tarnished with chemicals to make it last longer than necessary.
  • Eating food that’s not full of artificial color, often added to make it look good enough for you to eat. Food that’s truly good enough to eat, looks good enough to eat in the first place!
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • We’re keen to promote local, seasonal food. It’s fresher, less likely to have any kind of additives, and it’s carbon print is a lot lower as it’s not been transported half way around the world to get to your plate. It often tastes so much better too.

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