Television Makes Kids Fat

Well, at least some kids, indirectly.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Law and Economics it was observed that if a ban on fast food television advertisements in the United States is implemented, it could reduce the prevalence of overweight children by 18 per cent.

Advertisments for food during children’s shows or or children’s channels overwhelmingly promote junk food.

I’ve noticed this during regular programming, but it’s even more prevalent when kids are watching.

There is little promotion of good food like fruit and vegetables.

Advertisers appear to spend a significant proportion of their advertising budgets on this vunerable section of the population.

Kids are often more easily led by the glitzy ads, and claims in the ads, particualrly if they’re backed by well-known personalities or idols.

I’ve yet to see or hear of an advertisement that has a well-known personality in, telling kids to lay off the junk food, and eat something healthy instead!

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