Retraining Your Palate

Our recent ancestors didn’t have to worry about all the processed food on offer these days. It didn’t exist.

Produce Stall

We’re told we eat too much meat. Our grandparents or great-grandparents were more likely to eat a lot more vegetables than us, and possibly not eat meat every day. It was considered a luxury. Modern farming methods have bought the cost of meat down a huge amount in real terms.

Nowadays many people tend to base a meal around the meat, and the vegetables are a very poor sideline.

Hoppin' John

The average chain restaurant will often serve up a 12, or 16 ounce steak, that is done to perfection, and the sides are a limp unappetizing microwaved previously frozen dish of carrots or green beans, pretty much devoid of taste. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Aiming for your dinner plate to consist of 2/3rds of vegetables and one third meat would really be a healthier option, and less expensive too.


Try different vegetables, and different ways to cook them. It’s easy nowadays to find recipes online to cook just about anything, and it doesn’t have to be expensive gourmet cooking either. Sometimes the simple methods are some of the best. For example, try boiling rutabaga, and then mashing it up, with a little butter and black pepper. It’s quite delicious, and you can use the water as vegetable stock for gravy, of even recycle it on your plants.

You can retrain your taste buds.

Switch from white rice to whole grain rice; from white bread to whole wheat bread. We did just that at TGFC. Whole grain rice took a little getting used to, but now, if we have white rice, it seems tasteless and bland.

That’s another plus point with unprocessed foods. They often have more natural flavor, so you don’t need to add all that extra salt or sugar in any case, so you’re not only getting the extra goodness from the unprocessed product, but also less salt and sugar, which is always a good thing.

More Processed, Less Satisfying

Take fresh fruit for example. Oranges are more filling than orange juice. Apples are more filling than apple juice. Why?

It’s generally had much of the fiber taken out, which means too, that many of the nutrients gets lost too.

Perhaps though, the best example is rice. Whereas wholegrain rice contains fiber and nutrients, it’s been shown more than once (and specifically during World War Two in POW Camps), what a diet of just polished white rice does. One ends up with Beri-beri due to an absence of Vitamin B, which is removed along with the husk.

For the same reason, whole grain bread is more filling than white.

So you end up eating more of it, and getting less nutrient, less fiber, and just more calories in the form of extra carbs.