FDA To Get More Muscle?

Following the outrageous case of the Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America knowingly supplying salmonella-contaminated peanuts to the food industry, supermarkets and other retail outlets, which led to nine deaths and almost seven hundred cases of salmonella infections, lawmakers are now looking to do something that should have been done years ago.

Give the Food & Drug Administration more muscle.

The new legislation proposed by a Senate bill, would allow the FDA access to food company records and test results, and give it the power to order mandatory food recalls, which, incredibly, it cannot currently do.

Funding for the FDA would also be increased.

Supermarket – NO, Farmers Market – YES

Fruit & Vegetables

While many supermarkets are selling more and more fresh fruit and vegetables, and for many this is the only option, if you can, go to your local farmers market, or even some of the local roadside stalls.

They will have the freshest produce, much of which is locally harvested, often organically, and it’s quite often cheaper (and sometimes considerably cheaper) than the supermarket.

Remember too, that the farmers market will usually only have the produce that is in season right now locally – as it’s going to be at its best for taste and longevity once you get it home.

We have found that produce bought at the farmers market will stay fresh days longer than that bought at the supermarket, which is often the best part of two weeks old by the time you buy it in any case.