Diet soda Can Cause Seizures?

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Diet soda itself is not the cause of any major health issues but the low-calorie sweetener aspartame, which many diet sodas contain, has been the subject of much debate.

The U.S. Senate even investigated the claims in a November 1987 hearing.

One study conducted by the Department of Emergency Medicine at Klina General Hospital, Belgium, found that excessive intake of diet soda can result more info

in an increased risk for epileptic seizure. The study suggests that the convulsions related to the beverage are a consequence of high doses of aspartame and caffeine from the diet soda.

In another study conducted at the IWK Children’s Hospital, in Nova Scotia, Canada, the EEGs of children who consumed aspartame showed an increase in spike wave discharge-a type of brain activity that is a possible indication of an area that produce a seizure.

The FDA maintains that the link is nonexistent. Until the controversy is settled, it’s smart to drink diet soda in moderation.