Breakfast Options that Mr Kelogg would be proud of..

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I have a friend who eats rice, like hot cereal, for breakfast.  He adds butter, sugar, a little milk, to instant white rice.

I have a family member, who thinks a big monstor bagel, toasted with loads of cream cheese, is heavenly.

I have friends who let their children snack on chocolate poptarts.

My last adventure down the cereal aisle led me to the delightful oat square cereal, with strawberries..  and horrible digestive and headache issues, because of the sugar substitutes.

Many of us know those instant packets of oatmeal, loaded with sugar, that you just add hot water to..

You get the idea..

Among the 8 million bad breakfast choices, that one can make.. there are some simple breakfasts that could win your heart back to the breakfast table.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal.  Avoid all the Quick Oats and Instant Oats.  We want the real stuff.

Soak two cups, of it, in the fridge, with two cups of whole milk buttermilk, over night, and you can easily make These Truly Awesome OatCakes. They taste like the centers have real oatmeal in them.  They flash freeze well and can be eaten, from the freezer, for a few days.

I made Cream of Wheat sing, when I cooked it with Moo Juice, instead of water.

I’d like to add some creamy cheese grits, right here, but I’m incapable of making them, right now.

To the above, you can add sliced bananas, sliced peaches, sliced strawberries, peanut butter, maple syrup, brown sugar, milk/cream, butter, or nutella, in small amounts, to give your more wholesome breakfast, a little pizazz.

All this grain goodness, above, and you didn’t have to grease a muffin tin.

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