Wonderful Olive Oil

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The virtues of the Mediteranean diet have been long talked about. One of the keystones of such a diet is the use of olive oil.


Good quality extra virgin olive oil is usually blended from a variety of olives and is a great base for healthy salad dressings, and is great for dipping with bread.

Unlike vegetable oil, which tastes the same wherever you get it from, the taste of olive oil is different based on the region it comes from.

There are various flavors from peppery to mild, and even citrus based. There’s one out there to compliment almost any dish, and olive oil is good for you!

Try some today, it’s way better for you on your salad than that ranch or blue cheese dressing in a bottle!


Local Diet


Farmers Market

Forget all those expensive fancy fad diets. Lose 30lbs in a month? Who are they trying to kid?

The average sustained weight loss is about two lbs per week over time. Some weeks you may only lose a lb, other weeks perhaps you’ll lose three lbs.

Fruit & Vegetables

You’ll find that the flavors of really fresh fruit and vegetables, farm-fresh new laid eggs, ┬álean meat direct for local farms, and locally baked whole grain breads, will have you eating a bit slower, which will make you fill up on less food.Still one of the best ways to lose weight is to eat good tasting food. Instead of consuming bland salt and fat and preservative laden convenience or fast food, why not try out your local Farmer’s Market?

You see, your brain doesn’t tell you you’re full until about twenty minutes after you’ve eaten, so when you scoff down that 1,500 calorie huge burger and large fries, it’s not until those twenty minutes have passed, that your stomach tells your brain that you’ve eaten too much. Eat slower, and you will be fuller on less!

Soy – It’s in Everything!

Now it’s true that soy in one form or other is in most processed foodstuffs.

Consequently, it’s got a bad rap from some quarters simply die to its ubiquity.

However, soy is a complete source of protein, and is, in fact, good for you. It’s not just tofu, or miso. There are now some good organic products out there too, such as the Publix Greenwise range of Organic Soy Milk, in a number of flavors. Unlike some soy milks this doesn’t have an overbearing taste of soy; in fact, the vanilla flavor is reminiscent of half and half!

If you have a Publix store nearby, TFGC recommends you try it!