Thin Yourself, Thin Your Budget


  • Do you really need to chug a quart of sugar-laden soda, and that huge popcorn when watching the movie at the local theater?
  • Do you do that at home?
  • Were you really hungry and thirsty?

A Southern SpreadProbably not, and there are, of course better options, like having a meal at home before you go to the theater, or when you get back afterwards.

It can be the same at home when watching the TV. It’s much the same thing that smokers have to deal with when they’re trying to quit. Connecting things in your life becomes an automatic reflex after a while.  The smoker always has a cigarette with their 11am coffee; the TV viewer always eats a favorite snack with their favorite evening show.

Try doing something else instead. Record the show, go for a walk, read a book, watch it another time. It can help to break those automatic connections.

You can lose a few lbs without even realizing it, and you’ll trim your food budget too – even more from your entertainment budget when you walk right past the concession stand at the movie theater.

Caffeine & Junk Food Can Lead To Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Dr Donald Casebolt, from Farmington, NM has spent two years studying the consequences of too much caffeine and a porr diet.

He learned that lots of coffee, soda and energy drinks with caffeine and junk food causes or worsens alcohol and drug addictions or both, he said.

You can read more about his findings in this article in today’s Daily Times