Chicken Is Healthy?


Early Bird Diner

It depends how it’s cooked.

Swing by KFC, and get four pieces of their Original Recipe Chicken, and you’ve got 920 calories on your plate, along with 63g of fat, 350mg of cholesterol, and that’s just the chicken and not the sides.
You’re way better off eating a chicken breast that’s been grilled with the skin
removed. Now, you’ve got 120 calories, only 1.5g of fat, and 70mg of that darned cholesterol. Add a salad with a little low-fat dressing, and you’ve got a meal that’s easily as nutritious, and much more healthy.

Bad Fat


  • Don’t eat Fried Chicken. Grill a chicken breast instead, much less fat!
  • Try turkey sausages instead of brats.
  • Fancy some chips? Try hummus.
  • Pizza? Make you own?
  • Pasta? Try whole wheat variety. Make your own sauce.
  • Ice cream? Try frozen yogurt.
  • Doughnuts for breakfast? Give oatmeal a try. If it’s too plain for your taste, add some fruit or raisins.
  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake grab your fancy?  It’s 800+ calories and 57g of fat a slice! Try a plain variety, it’s less evil to your body