Deep Breath, Count Ten

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How many times have you heard that said, if you or someone around you is about to burst a blood vessel, and lose control of their temper, or if they can feel the stress levels rising up?

There’s a lot of truth in it actually.

You see, when you’re under stress, your breathing is shallow. If you breath deeply it tells your mind and body that it’s OK and you can calm down. Your brain gets more oxygen, your heart rate drops, your muscles relax.

Try it now if you like. Sit up straight, Breath out through your mouth. Breath in through your nose, with your mouth closed. Hold your breath and count six. Exhale through your open mouth. Repeat three or four times.


Junk Really Is A Waste

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fats such as nuts and olive oil, and eat lean meat.

Junk food really is a waste of money and a waste of time for your body. When you eat high sugar, high fat food that is full of empty carbohydrate, you actually screw up the signals that the brain sends out to regulate your consumption of food.

Insulin helps to control sugar levels on the body, and what needs to be stored and what need to be used. Leptin tells the brain that you’re not hungry any more, and helping you to stop eating before you feel physically bloated. Junk food screws up these mechanisms, leaving you feeling overfull, and often nauseous. One should feel satisfied after eating, but not bloated!