Something Fishy Going On

Fish & Chips

Eat oily fish, it’s good for you. That’s been the message around the block for some years.

However, a lot of fish has gone the way of chicken. It’s a lot less expensive than it used to be because it’s farmed. Wild caught fish eats from the sea. Farm raised fish often eats pellets fed to it containing antibiotics, and chemical colorants.

The very best, and safest fish to eat are wild caught deep sea fish such as cod, herring, catfish, tilapia, and Alaskan Salmon. You’ll pay more for wild fish, but it’s much better for you, and it has more flavor too! Remember, as with organic meats, less is better.

The photograph on the right? It’s wild caught talapia, deep fried in home made beer batter, with home made fries, and peas.

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