Reading Those Labels

Do you read the labels on the foodstuffs you buy at the store?

Do you know what is ok, and what you should avoid?Mustard Greens

Also, do the labels tell the truth?

If a label states that the product contains an ingredient, it might only be there in a miniscule amount.

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Take bread for example.  If the label says it contains whole wheat, does that mean it’s better for you, as a good source of whole grain? Perhaps, but it might only have 10% whole wheat! You should look for a label that says 100% whole wheat, and not simply the word ‘contains’

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Watch out for that High Fructose Corn Syrup, and also the sugar too. HFCS may not be good for you, but neither is too much sugar.

Watch out for canned vegetables. They may be a good idea for a back up, or for those times when the power is out after storms etc, but again, check the labels, and try and buy ‘lower sodium’, ‘no salt’ and ‘no added sugar’ labeled varieties.

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