Is Obesity In Your Genes?

Professor Mike Gibney of the new Institute of Food and Health at University College, Dublin thinks it could well be.

He has taken the statistics and turned them around to show that most people are not in fact obese. Why is this? Did they live in a different area, go to different schools or eat different food to their obese counterparts?


Studies on indentical twins have shown that they show huge overlap in their tastes, and also the amounts of food they eat, and the rate at which they eat it.

People aren’t simply choosing food based on income or a lack of education, but on similar choices to other family members, and not simply those they live with.

Professor Gibney also feels that physical exercise is important, and that we need to move our environments to encourage that.

Desks could be arrnage so that users can stand at them for periods of time, instead of being constantly seated, and also there could be communal exercise bikes in offices for example.

If food scientists have been finding so many ways to make more and more profits for food manufacturers at the expense of the consumer, then perhaps it’s time for science to work the other way around, and for the benefit of those that are actually eating the end product.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

It’s all over the place. It’s ubiquitous in the American diet. It makes huge profits for the companies that produce it, and it’s around 6 times sweeter than natural sugar.

However, if eating something sweet leaves you feeling bloated and yucky, check the label on what you’ve eaten.

It could be that darn HFCS.

Like we said it’s found all over the place. It’s in soda, salad dressings, cereals, and other sweet desserts. What happens is this. Apart from it being empty calories that do you no use at all, except help to make you fat, it doesn’t always get digested properly by the body, and then it gets attacked by the bacteria that occur naturally in your gut. This can lead to excessive gas, and even diarhea.

A recent survey found it to be quite common. The best way to check if it’s what’s making you feel full, and your family and friends think you’re anti-social, is to quit eating and drinking anything with HFCS in for a week. If those symptoms stop, you’ve possibly cracked it.

Of course, if your symptoms continue, they whisk yourself off to a doctor. We’d always advocate you do this if you’re ever worried about your health. TGFC doesn’t pretend to be any kind of substitute for professional medical advice – ever.