Junk Isn’t Cheap, It’s A False Economy

Why do we eat? To fill us up, and satify our appetite.

Yes, but the real reason for eating is to give us the nutrients and vitamins and minerals we need on a regular basis to enable our bodies to function, and in the case of children, to grow.

Sure, we can do the first two things with almost anything edible that we chew and swallow.

However, it’s a false economy, and we’re cheating our bodies, and our wallet, if the only reason we eat is to fill us up, without giving our bodies the healthy balanced diet it really needs.

We really don’t need to get obsessive about it, but it’s a good idea to take a few seconds to scan lables on food for content and additives. After all, it’s taken years of pressure leading to eventual legislation to get content labels on food, even though there’s still a good way to go.

Publix Super Markets: Information

It’s perhaps worrying that since the economy has taken a nose-dive profits in junk food corporations such as McDonalds are displaying record levels in the last quater of 2008.

It’s a fallacy that the only way to save money on the food bill is to eat junk.

We don’t need to eat those high priced, highly processed cereals that are not always at all healthy for us (depsite the claims from the manufacturers). A bowl of oatmeal, with perhaps some added fruit or raisins makes for a great healthy breakfast, without all that added sugar. If you like it sweetened, try a little honey instead.

Cheaper cuts of meat make for a tasty caserole or stew, or can be slowly braised to tenderness and used in other dishes. Buying fruit and vegetables that are in season can often save money too, and they taste better!

Remember that a dollar spent on oatmeal, or fruit or vegetables, or even brown rice, will always give your body better value than a ‘value’ burger from the junk food outlet

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