Hello Stevia

Ever heard of it? TGFC suspects that many people haven’t. It’s been used as a zero-calorie sweetener for many years in other countries, but the US FDA has taken its time on approving it, on the grounds of safety.

Perhaps, it was more a case of the food processing giants not wanting to make a switch from products such as Equal and Splenda?

Coca Cola and Pepsi are ready to include it in some of their drinks, and it’s now been given approval for use.

What is Stevia?

It comes from the Stevia plant. The leaves are naturally sweet, and the products derived from these leaves are highly concentrated.

The jury is still out on what effects existing artificial sweeteners have on the body, and of course there is, of yet, no long-term data available for Stevia.

TFGC’s take on it is still the same, use natural cane sugar, and use as little as possible. Work towards cutting sugars and/or sweeteners from your diet.

Quit drinking soda of all kinds, and drink more water instead. Watch out for restaurant items, and eat fresh and not processed food.

Organic Sugar

Yesterday we swung by Wal-Mart to grab a few odds and ends.

We needed some sugar, so I went to find it.

This is what I got. Florida Crystals. It’s the first American Sugar certified Carbon Free by Carbonfund.org.

Florida CrystalsFrom their web site at FloridaCrystals.com

Florida Crystals pioneered certified organic sugar farming and production in the United States and organic rice farming and production in Florida. More than a decade ago, Florida Crystals milled the first certified organic sugar ever in the USA. Their organic cane sugar remains the only certified organic sugar grown and harvested in the U.S.   Florida Crystals’ organic farm is one of the single largest organic farms in the country.

Florida Crystals® Organic Cane Sugar has a fine, golden tan granulation that is ideal for everyday use. Because it is less processed than refined white sugar, it retains more of the flavor of the original sugar cane juice to enhance the taste of foods, beverages and recipes. It is used just like refined white granulated sugar and in the same amount. Florida Crystals® organic products are certified by the Quality Assurance International (QAI). The USDA’s National Organic Program ensures that our organic products are produced to the most stringent standards in the world.