Breakfast Options that Mr Kelogg would be proud of..

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I have a friend who eats rice, like hot cereal, for breakfast.  He adds butter, sugar, a little milk, to instant white rice.

I have a family member, who thinks a big monstor bagel, toasted with loads of cream cheese, is heavenly.

I have friends who let their children snack on chocolate poptarts.

My last adventure down the cereal aisle led me to the delightful oat square cereal, with strawberries..  and horrible digestive and headache issues, because of the sugar substitutes.

Many of us know those instant packets of oatmeal, loaded with sugar, that you just add hot water to..

You get the idea..

Among the 8 million bad breakfast choices, that one can make.. there are some simple breakfasts that could win your heart back to the breakfast table.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal.  Avoid all the Quick Oats and Instant Oats.  We want the real stuff.

Soak two cups, of it, in the fridge, with two cups of whole milk buttermilk, over night, and you can easily make These Truly Awesome OatCakes. They taste like the centers have real oatmeal in them.  They flash freeze well and can be eaten, from the freezer, for a few days.

I made Cream of Wheat sing, when I cooked it with Moo Juice, instead of water.

I’d like to add some creamy cheese grits, right here, but I’m incapable of making them, right now.

To the above, you can add sliced bananas, sliced peaches, sliced strawberries, peanut butter, maple syrup, brown sugar, milk/cream, butter, or nutella, in small amounts, to give your more wholesome breakfast, a little pizazz.

All this grain goodness, above, and you didn’t have to grease a muffin tin.

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Save Money and Do It Yourself

Of course, that is usually said to those who want to maintain their homes, or their car.

It equally applies in the kitchen though.

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Save money by eating out less, and eat more healthily.

Save money by cooking from scratch, and eat more healthily too.

It’s not a lot of use eating at home if all you do is eat take-out items or frozen TV dinners. For one, it won’t save you much money, and secondly, most take out food and packets of TV dinners are highly processed, with lots of added preservatives, colors, sodium and other junk like HFCS.

If you cook from fresh ingredients at home, you know exactly what you’re eating.

If you can buy organic meat, fruit and vegetables, it’ll still be less expensive, far healthier and much more nutritious than buying junk food.

Try planning ahead and you can save even more. For example, a larger chicken can last two days, and you oonly need to cook it once. As long as you properly refrigerate the leftovers you can have a healthy chicken salad the next day, or perhaps make some chicken fried rice (which will have a lot less sodium in than that from the Chinese take out). You an also use wholegrain rice, for added vitamins and fiber.

Try to work out what you’re going to eat for at least a few days, and then you won’t buy too much, and have it go bad before you eat it, particularly vegetables and fruit (as fresh meat can more easily be frozen as-is, whereas vegetables need to be prepared and blanched first before freezing).

More Fiber, Less Weight

Hot Bread

A new study has found that eating more fiber is not only good for your digestive system, but is also good for helping to keep your weight down

It showed that those who eat more fiber, weighed, on average, less than those that didn’t.

Fiber-rich foods tend to be more filling too, and as they’re often less processed, contain more vitamins and nutrients.

Some easy ways to get more fiber:

Eat oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread.

Read A Book That Will Do You Good, Lately?

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We are finally starting to acknowledge the threat carbon emissions pose to our ozone layer, but few people have focused on the extent to which our consumption of meat contributes to global warming. Think about it this way: In terms of energy consumption, serving a typical family-of-four steak dinner is the rough equivalent of driving around in an SUV for three hours while leaving all the lights on at home.

Bittman offers a no-nonsense rundown on how government policy, big business marketing, and global economics influence what we choose to put on the table each evening. He demystifies buzzwords like “organic,” “sustainable,” and “local” and offers straightforward, budget-conscious advice that will help you make small changes that will shrink your carbon footprint — and your waistline.

Get Your Teeth Into It

Smile And The World Smiles With You

Keep your teeth in good condition. Another good reason to eat better food!

Sugar is the #1 enemy to good teeth. It gets stuck on your teeth, along with the plaque and becomes a breeding ground for all the nasty bugs that want to attack your teeth, gums, and enamel.

Eating fibrous foods, on the other hand, means more chewing. More chewing means you produce more salivia, and that helps to keep your mouth clean, simply by washing the food particles out, and down into your stomach where they belong.

So, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid sugary foods and drinks, and remember to brush, floss and rinse your mouth (and tongue) after meals. You will be on the road to healthy, brilliant teeth!

More Processed, Less Satisfying

Take fresh fruit for example. Oranges are more filling than orange juice. Apples are more filling than apple juice. Why?

It’s generally had much of the fiber taken out, which means too, that many of the nutrients gets lost too.

Perhaps though, the best example is rice. Whereas wholegrain rice contains fiber and nutrients, it’s been shown more than once (and specifically during World War Two in POW Camps), what a diet of just polished white rice does. One ends up with Beri-beri due to an absence of Vitamin B, which is removed along with the husk.

For the same reason, whole grain bread is more filling than white.

So you end up eating more of it, and getting less nutrient, less fiber, and just more calories in the form of extra carbs.