Fattening Foods When Out

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Funnel Cakes

Deep fried dough covered in sugar! What could be worse for your figure, and for your body in general really?

Around 800 calories for the average serving, and a huge amount of fat.

Corn Dogs

Laden with fat and sodium, and well over 1,000 calories apeice, it’s another ‘better to be missed’ on the go snack.

Chilli Cheese Fries

Fat, salt and calories galore in these.  Best to be avoided if you’re trying to be healthy and/or shed a few pounds.


Local Diet


Farmers Market

Forget all those expensive fancy fad diets. Lose 30lbs in a month? Who are they trying to kid?

The average sustained weight loss is about two lbs per week over time. Some weeks you may only lose a lb, other weeks perhaps you’ll lose three lbs.

Fruit & Vegetables

You’ll find that the flavors of really fresh fruit and vegetables, farm-fresh new laid eggs,  lean meat direct for local farms, and locally baked whole grain breads, will have you eating a bit slower, which will make you fill up on less food.Still one of the best ways to lose weight is to eat good tasting food. Instead of consuming bland salt and fat and preservative laden convenience or fast food, why not try out your local Farmer’s Market?

You see, your brain doesn’t tell you you’re full until about twenty minutes after you’ve eaten, so when you scoff down that 1,500 calorie huge burger and large fries, it’s not until those twenty minutes have passed, that your stomach tells your brain that you’ve eaten too much. Eat slower, and you will be fuller on less!

Goodbye Mr. Chips


Big John's Tavern

Did you know that the average  one ounce bag of regular, salted potato chips contains 155 calories, over ten grams of fat, of which over three are saturated, and 150mg of sodium?

The average American eats over one hundred bags a year. Do the math, and it works out  at around seven pounds of chips  a year.

A much better option would be the pairing of hummus and some pita bread. Each pita has under a hundred calories, and less that one gram of fat. Hummus is one of the healthiest dips you can choose, and it tastes darn good too!

Chicken Is Healthy?


Early Bird Diner

It depends how it’s cooked.

Swing by KFC, and get four pieces of their Original Recipe Chicken, and you’ve got 920 calories on your plate, along with 63g of fat, 350mg of cholesterol, and that’s just the chicken and not the sides.
You’re way better off eating a chicken breast that’s been grilled with the skin
removed. Now, you’ve got 120 calories, only 1.5g of fat, and 70mg of that darned cholesterol. Add a salad with a little low-fat dressing, and you’ve got a meal that’s easily as nutritious, and much more healthy.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition


Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionSign Jamie’s petition to save cooking skills and improve school food.

I support the Food Revolution. America’s kids need better food at school and better health prospects.

We need to keep cooking skills alive.

If you care about the health of your children and the food they eat please sign this petition now.

Bad Fat


  • Don’t eat Fried Chicken. Grill a chicken breast instead, much less fat!
  • Try turkey sausages instead of brats.
  • Fancy some chips? Try hummus.
  • Pizza? Make you own?
  • Pasta? Try whole wheat variety. Make your own sauce.
  • Ice cream? Try frozen yogurt.
  • Doughnuts for breakfast? Give oatmeal a try. If it’s too plain for your taste, add some fruit or raisins.
  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake grab your fancy?  It’s 800+ calories and 57g of fat a slice! Try a plain variety, it’s less evil to your body